Vastu For Home – Important Vastu Tips For New Home

Vastu For Home – Important Vastu Tips For New Home

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It is difficult for builders to ensure that the houses they build are Vastu compliant. If you believe in Vastu and are planning on buying a new house, it is important to follow basic Vastu tips for your new home. Vastu suggests the right colour, format, shape, and directions to ensure positivity and happiness in each corner of your house.

For a house to become a home, it must have a certain energy, and Vastu states that the person living in a house comes under the influence of that energy. It is crucial to understand the connection between good vibes in the home and the art of Vastu.

Vastu Shastra Tips for New Home / Vastu for Home

Vastu for home is becoming a hot topic in the architectural and interior space, and by following these tips, you can ensure that your house is a peaceful and happy place.

Few Basic Principles of Vastu For Home

    1. Room Shape: One of the Vastu tips for new home is to check the shape of the rooms. As per Vastu for home, the house should preferably be in a shape of a square or rectangular.
    2. Basic Vastu for Room: The rooms of the house should be well-lit, airy, and clean.
    3. About Furniture: As per Vastu for home, your heavy furniture like bed and cupboard should be kept in the South-west direction. A quick Vastu tip for new house is to build stairs in the south-west direction.
    4. Water As Per Vastu: An important Vastu tip for home is to keep plants and water mediums like a water painting, fountain, aquarium etc.
    5. Vastu Tip For Dining Table: An important Vastu for home for your dining space is it should not be near the main door. 

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1. Vastu Tips For New Home – Vastu Direction for Entrance

As per Vastu tips for new home, the house’s main entrance is not only the entry point of the family but also for energy and vibes. The main entry point of your house should face the north, east, or northeast direction. It must be built so that you face the north, east, or northeast direction when you step out. Before buying or building a house, make sure the plan focuses on these particular directions. 

Home entrance should be in the right direction

Tips to focus on while designing the house entrance:

    1. Use superior-quality wood to construct the entrance.
    2. Avoid placing any fountain or water-centric decoration outside the main door.
    3. Avoid installing a shoe rack or dustbin outside the entrance.
    4. Avoid constructing a bathroom near the main door.
    5. The main door must not be painted black.
    6. The entrance should be well-lit.
    7. The door should be decorated with exquisite nameplates and auspicious bandhanwars/torans. 
    8. The door should open in a clockwise manner.
    9. Don’t put any animal statues or figurines near the entrance. 

2. Vastu For Dining Hall in New Home

If you have a separate section for the dining area, you must place your dining hall in the West zone to get the best results. However, for some reason, if it is impossible, you can opt for directions north, east, or south. But try to avoid the southwest zone direction at any cost, as it is not a suitable Vastu for home direction for the dining area.

Vastu for home: Vastu for Dining Hall

3. Vastu For Staircase – Vastu For Home

The right staircase placement as per Vastu for staircase is very important to maintain peace and harmony at home. As per Vastu for home, the right Vastu for the staircase is in the Southwest direction. You can also consider other directions; however, you must consult a Vastu expert for the same. But remember, you must avoid the northeast zone at any cost for the staircase placement.

4. Vastu Tips For New Home – Vastu for Living Room

In any house, the living room is the most active area of the house and creates the first impression on guests when they enter. The living room should be clutter-free. Your new home’s front or living room must be located in the east, north, or northeast direction. Furthermore, the furniture in that room should be placed in the west or southwest direction. Doing this will ensure that your home has no Vastu dosh.

Bright and modern living room

Tips to focus on for the living room:

    1. All electronics and other appliances should be installed in the southeast direction of the living room.
    2. If the living room has a mirror, it should be placed on the north wall.

3. Vastu Tips For New Home – Bedroom Vastu

For good health and to maintain prosperous relations, bedrooms should be in the southwest direction. The northeast direction causes health issues, while the southeast facing bedroom can cause quarrels and fights among couples. Also, the bed should be placed in the room’s southwest corner, with the head facing west.

Tips to follow while designing the bedroom:

    1. There should not be a mirror or television in front of the bed. The reason is that the reflection should not be seen when in bed, as it causes domestic disruptions and fights.
    2. The bedroom walls should be painted in neutral or earthy tones, as they radiate positive energy. The walls should not be black.
    3. There should not be a temple in the bedroom.
    4. The bedroom should not have paintings depicting water or fountains, as they can cause emotional outbursts.
    5. Mood lighting should be used, and aromatic oils can be burned to create a calm oasis.

4. Vastu Tips For New Home – Vastu For Kitchen

According to Saral Vastu, the kitchen must be built in the southeast course of the home. North, northeast or southwest of the house must be avoided when creating a kitchen. Appliances in the kitchen should also be in the southeast direction.

Kitchen and the equipment inside should face the right direction

5. Vastu Tips For Kid’s Room 

As per Vastu, the children’s room should be designed in the southwest direction of the new house. Kids should sleep with their heads facing the south or the east, as this ensures good luck and peace of mind.

6. Vastu Tips For Meditation Room

The ancient science of Vastu states that a house should have a meditation room where individuals can introspect and connect to the higher power for their spiritual growth.

Tips for designing a meditation or a spiritual room:

    1. The east or northeast side of the house is the best for yoga, meditation, and other spiritual pursuits.
    2. You should face east while meditating, as this increases positivity.
    3. A sacred altar can be built and decorated with candles and/or incense sticks.
    4. The room should be painted white/beige/green/light yellow.

7. Vastu Tips For New Home – Vastu for Bathroom and Toilet

Designing your bathroom and toilet as per Vastu is as vital as any other area in your new home. Bathroom and toilet Vastu tips add to your happiness and well-being by removing negative energies. Here are a few Vastu tips for toilet and bathroom to bear in mind. 

    1. The northwest zone of your home is the best location for a bathroom and toilet.
    2. Avoid the southwest direction for constructing bathrooms and toilets, as that can impact your negatively. However, if you cannot avoid it, we suggest using Vastu remedies to tackle its ill effects. For example, placing a Vastu pyramid outside the toilet wall or keeping the door closed all the time. 
    3. The toilet’s entrance door should be along the northern or eastern wall. 
    4. The northwest or southeast direction is the best for the toilet seat. The placement should be so that the person faces either the west or east while sitting on the toilet seat. 
    5. The toilet or bathroom window should be along the west, east, or north. 
    6. Your bathroom shower or wash basin should be in the northeast, north, or east. 
    7. Ensure your bathroom or toilet does not share a wall with the kitchen or pooja room.
    8. The bathroom pipeline outlet should be in the east or north direction. 
    9. When hanging a mirror in the bathroom or toilet, ensure it is in the east or north direction. Follow the same rule for the wash basin. 
    10. As per Vastu, light pastel shades are the best for the bathroom and toilet. You could opt for colours like light blue, pink or grey.
    11. Always choose a wooden door for your bathroom or toilet. Opting for a metal one may attract negative energies.

8. Vastu Tips For New Home – Shape of the Rooms

Vastu Shastra has additional rules for the state of all the rooms in the house. Ensure the rooms in your home follow straight lines and are square or rectangular in shape. Avoid using any circular furniture or room as it is unsuitable, as per Vastu.

9. Vastu Shastra For Home – Proper Ventilation

Appropriate ventilation and adequate daylight are essential components. According to Vastu for home, all rooms in the house should have regular sunlight and proper ventilation. Doing this will help the flow of energy and increase positivity.

House should have proper ventilation

10. Vastu Tips For New Home – Vastu Colors

Vastu for home places significant attention on the colors with which we adorn our homes. Therefore, you should abstain from utilizing dark colors. Opt for shades like white, yellow, pink, coral, green, orange, or blue to leverage positive vibes.

11. Auspicious Time to Move-In As Per Vastu Shastra

One of the essential Vastu tips to be followed is that everything you do should be based on the rules of Panchanga (Hindu Calendar). An expert can help you decide a suitable time and guide you in performing the rituals needed for the Graha Pravesh pooja ceremony.

12. General Vastu Tips For New Home – Vastu for Home

Before playing out all ceremonies, Vastu for house recommends that you enter an empty home. At that point, only the gas or stove should be introduced into the kitchen. When you enter, break a coconut at the ledge and venture into the house by first setting the right foot inside.

Move into an empty home

13. Vastu Shastra For Home – Performing Havan

Havan is a fire ceremony performed in a new house to get the blessings of God. Members of the house pray to Lord Ganesha and offer fire, flowers, turmeric, ghee, and coconuts as offerings. Blessed Ganga water is sprinkled everywhere throughout the house to remove negativity.

Perform havan in your new home

Following Vastu for home guidelines can be quite beneficial for every homeowner and tenant. Ensuring your new home is Vastu compliant can make all the difference and give you a good and prosperous life!

14. Vastu Tips for New Home – Study Room

You either conduct academic studies or perform professional duties in the study room. As per Vastu Shastra, the right directions for a study room are either west of the southwest or northwest. These directions help build focus and improve concentration.

15. Vastu for Store Room in New Home

Most of us prefer keeping all the extra items in our home in the store room. You can have a store room in any direction of the new house, except the northeast corner.

Every home has two kinds of bags – ones that we use from time to time (keeping warm clothes, extra luggage, puja utensils, etc.) and those that we don’t use enough or at all. Vastu for home advises you to get rid of the bags you don’t use enough. Keeping such bags in your home for a long time invites negative energy.

Vastu tips for store room suggest eliminating clutter and old luggage

Vastu Tips For New Home – Vastu Approved Colours For Your Home

Best Vastu colour for living room: To attract positivity in the living room of your new house you can opt for Vastu colours like white, cheerful yellow, calming blue or green. You can also go for a classy beige colour to help you feel calm and relaxed. As per vastu tips for new home, it is suggested to avoid dark colours for the living room.

Vastu colour for kitchen: Kitchen is the place of fire, and to pay homage to the god of fire you can choose colours like yellow, orange, red or saffron. Try to keep the colours in your kitchen positive and cheerful and avoid brown, grey, black or any other dark shades.

Pooja room vastu colour: Pooja room is the place of worship and stands for peace and purity so pick the vastu colours for home that suits this area the best. You can opt for colours like light blue, white, light green to enhance the beauty of your pooja room and make it feel more serene.

Vastu colour for master bedroom: For a newly married couple colours like light pink or red are recommended and to create a deep and strong bond with your partner one must opt for lighter shades; brown is also a great choice.

Vastu Tips For Negativity Attracting Objects

Unknowingly, you could have these objects in the house that might attract negativity. Create a positive and peaceful sanctuary by removing such objects that create clutter, chaos, and confusion.

    1. Broken objects

Shattered glass, chipped crockery, and broken objects are often stowed away, ignored, and forgotten. These broken objects are known to induce melancholy, sadness, hopelessness and despair in the residents of the house.

Care must be taken to ensure the accessories have no cracks or stains. If something breaks, it must be immediately repaired or replaced.

    1. Negative artwork

Images depicting negative images like shipwrecks, wars, crying children, and the setting sun, among others, create an environment of sadness and pain in a house. Also, painting and pictures of waterfalls, fountains, oceans, rain, or aquariums in the bedroom can cause mental and emotional problems and financial issues.

    1. Artificial/dried flowers

Flowers or plants that have dried or wilted hamper positive energy flow in the house. Carnations should be avoided indoors, as they bring bad luck. Plants with thorns should also be avoided as they can cause interpersonal conflicts and issues among members.

    1. Taxidermied animals/dead animals

Taxidermied animals, panther and tiger skin, ivory sculptures, snails, or antlers should be avoided. These objects have stagnant energies and have death looming over them. Vastu principles state that unnatural objects must not be kept in the house. This is why Bonsai plants are discouraged, as they have been disallowed to grow to their full potential.